Our Lasers

Lasers are devices which use a special light source to focus energy on a specific target in the skin. This offers many new options in treating a variety of skin complaints. The following are some of the state-of-the-art devices we utilize at our office.


Designed to gently and effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions

This device treats both reds and browns of the skin and is especially useful when combined with the ResurFX laser for a total photorejuvenation by targeting both surface and deeper skin damage. Effectively treats skin discoloration and blemishes (sun/age spots and freckles), port wine stains, visible signs of aging, spider veins or broken capillaries and hemangiomas. 


AcuPulse™: Powerful. Versatile. Simple.

This powerful CO2 laser is used to treat a variety of skin conditions including acne scars, moderate to severe wrinkles (especially around the mouth and eyes), sun damage spots, traumatic or surgical scars, stretch marks and several benign lesions (moles, syringomas and xanthelasma to name a few). 


SplendorX: Fast and Effective Hair Removal and Skin Solutions

We are the FIRST in Rhode Island and this region to have this laser! It has revolutionized laser hair removal making treatments much less painful, faster and more effective. This laser also treats a wide range of other skin conditions such as leg vessels, sun spots, congenital vessel malformations, blue lip vessels and more. Make an appointment now to be rid of bothersome hair for good! 


Noticeable results for skin texture and overall skin appearance

A unique fractionated laser targeting into the collagen generating heat columns to stimulate new collagen. This helps with skin tightening, wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars. The best part is the minimal downtime! See the amazing technology and results.