Tokarz has Laser Focus on Skin Care


By Mary MacDonald - Article from PBN

Dr. Valerie Tokarz, a dermatologist and U.S. Navy veteran, has a practice focused on laser treatments for cosmetic and medical conditions, including disfiguring scars. The board-certified dermatologist in May opened Tokarz Dermatology at 1485 South County Trail in East Greenwich. Cosmetic and laser dermatology are her areas of expertise. Clients are seeking help with treatments for sun damage, rosacea, reduction of scare tissue and other medical and aesthetic conditions.

Her decision to open her own practice, after more than 10 years of experience, came when she realized general dermatology services meant she wasn’t doing enough specialty laser work.

Her practice does not accept Medicare or private insurance. “These are procedures that would never be reimbursed by insurance anyway,” she said. “It’s been a thorn in the side of dermatologists who practice laser medicine for over a decade. Because these are real scars and real conditions.”

Katelyn Patras