The Direct Care Model

Dr. Tokarz’s treatments in laser and cosmetic dermatology do not qualify for insurance carrier’s to pay for them. Please be aware that Dr. Tokarz does not have an affiliation with any medical insurance plans. This “freedom” allows her to purely practice dermatology as she was trained keeping the relationship strictly between herself and her patients. Patients need to review their individual insurance plans to determine how and if they’re eligible to submit their bill for reimbursement for general dermatology visits. We will provide you with a bill but will not communicate directly with any insurance plans.

This model of direct care is becoming increasingly popular as doctors are more burdened with time and overhead costs created by the insurance companies. Patients are paying higher and higher premiums while insurance companies continue to see sky-rocketing profits. Applying the direct care model allows doctors to make decisions and run their business without an insurance company limiting your health options based on their profit margin.  Please note that Medicare will not reimburse patients seen for general dermatology visits (this is a much stricter government contract).   


The practice will have a variety of dermatology medications which Dr. Tokarz has carefully chosen based on efficacy and cost. Most treatment plans will have those medications available directly at our practice, creating a more efficient and effective skin care plan. Providing these medications will improve compliance and outcomes by avoiding the possibility that the pharmacy doesn’t have that specific medication OR your insurance won’t cover what Dr. Tokarz has decided to be your best therapy. In the end, you will have saved significant time, energy and likely cost.  

Fee Schedule

Dr. Tokarz has a passion for dermatology and will provide fair pricing for general dermatology visits. The practice will provide you with a bill but will not communicate directly with any insurance plans. The following are examples of a few of the typical visit fees. Laser and Cosmetic treatments are variable for each patient, and therefore not published. Ask us about discounted package pricing for laser and cosmetic procedures!

Cosmetic Consult: $75

Benign Lesions Treatment (other than laser): $150-$250

General Dermatology (focused exams 1-2 complaints): $100