Benign Lesion Removal

There are many lesions that patients do not realize can be removed safely and effectively by dermatologists. We use a variety of methods to remove the following:

Venous Lake Benign Lesion Removal Dermatologist

Venous Lake: Often found on the lower lip, these are small dark blue soft papules. Dr. Tokarz uses a laser to treat these and often takes only a single treatment to remove.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia  Benign Lesion Removal Dermatology

Sebaceous Hyperplasia: These yellow flat bumps are oil gland collections. These can quickly and effectively be reduced using a fine-tip electric needle. Photo Credit: Klaus D. Peter  

Milia Benign Lesion Removal Dermatology

Milia: Small, white bumps that typically appear on the nose and cheeks. Multiple cysts are called milia. Dr. Tokarz uses a careful extraction method to remove these little “pearls” from under the skin, including around the eyelid. 

Nevi Benign Lesion Removal Dermatology

Nevi: Medical term for a mole which are very common appearing as small brown, tan, or pink spots or bumps. You can be born with moles or develop them later. Sometimes benign nevi end up with less desirable locations and physical appearance, such as on the center of the face. Dr. Tokarz will examine your “mole” and help make the best determination for treatment.   

Syringomas Benign Lesion Removal Dermatology

Syringomas: Benign skin tumors caused by overactive sweat glands appear as pink to skin colored flat bumps. These can be found underneath the eyelids and their appearance is  rather distressful for some patients. There are various methods Dr. Tokarz can use to safely and effectively reduce their appearance.Photo Credit: Mark A. Taff

Xanthelasma Benign Lesion Removal Dermatology

Xanthelasma: Soft, yellow patches under your skin on the inside corners of your upper and lower eyelids. These are made of cholesterol deposits and in some cases indicate high blood cholesterol levels. Dr. Tokarz can use laser ablation to help reduce their appearance.